Congratulations! You are on the journey of a lifetime. 

You've been waiting for this day for a long time; imagining your pregnant body and picturing what it will be like to meet your baby for the first time. You have spent months planning for their entrance into this world, anticipating what labor might be like, knowing the support of a doula will make all the difference for you and your partner. You know that you want assurance of a resourceful, calm, and continuous support that will walk with you through the unfolding of your birth experience. 

 What can you expect from your Doula?

As an In Bloom Client, you can trust you will feel supported and safe throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. We encourage open dialogue, questions, and discussions along the way, ensuring you have the information you need to feel confident. 

As your doulas, we are committed to being available when you need us with an open line. During your birth you can access us when you are ready and can be assured you’ll receive continuous, unwavering support. Our role does not replace partners, but work together as a team, providing them with the tools and confidence to stay calm and feel connected during the process of labour and birth alongside you. 

It's our passion to meet families exactly where they are, helping them achieve the birth that they desire.

We know that every woman has unique desires and plans for her birth. We believe in the value of continuous and unbiased doula support, and know the most important thing we can leave you with is the lasting memory of how you were made to feel in your birth;  heard, valued, nurtured, and supported. 

Basic Birth Package: $1,200

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I truly cannot recommend (Jody and Andrea) enough. From the educational planning prenatal visits,to the care they each spent getting to know us, we really appreciated being comfortable with both of them before the birth of our little guy. Andrea was on call during the day of, and to say she went above and beyond is an understatement. She was with us for a very long period and was amazing support throughout. My husband and I are very grateful and feel the experience would have been very different if she were not present. Jody has been doing our post partum care ( help with sleeping, breastfeeding etc) and she has also been amazing!! She has a way with our little one, is very open and knowledgable, and is also an excellent cook!
— Helen, first time mother