The Way of the Doula

Written by, Andrea Postal 

Written by, Andrea Postal 

Every birth has a somewhat mysterious but predictable cycle for a doula...There are pillars along the way, as we thoughtfully enter into a space, dance our way through the ebbs and flows and turns of labour, and make a quiet exit while a family bonds and beams over their hard work and precious reward.
In honour of doula week, I tried to put into words what this dance is like for us, and what an incredible honour and privilege it is to be a part of a family's sacred journey.


Arrive, attune, invited in, 
Bring rest and calm, relief
Speak words that lift, empower
‘You’re stronger than you think’ 

Guide, press, hold
Release the tension building
Affirm, entrust, appreciate
Each woman, unique, inspiring 

Admire strength possessed, 
Contained and then unleashed
The heartbeat in her hands, now
An immeasurable feat 

The sacred space is kept
Golden Hours pass, 
Step away, smile, hands together
They’ve become one more, at last