F is for Friends and Family - Your Postpartum Visitors

New Baby poster.jpg

Let's talk postpartum visitors. 

I was so thrilled to see this sign on a newly postpartum clients door last week - gracious but clear, and necessary in order to maintain their space and needs during this precious time.

Whether you have friends itching to snuggle your baby, or out of town family that might be waiting room at the hospital, it's important for you as a couple to consider what your vision is after baby is born, and what it means for you to have people come in to your space in those early days.

You've probably learned about "The Golden Hour" after baby is born - the first 90 minutes of your newborns time on earth should be with mom and dad, which studies have shown supports initial bonding and breastfeeding in a significant way. But...what's next? 

For some, this can be a tough one to handle - on one hand, you want to show off your baby and give your friends and family the pleasure of coming to meet your little one! On the other hand - this is YOUR time, time you'll never get back, time that's precious for your brand new family unit to rest, recover, bond, and learn this new way of life. It's heightened emotions and sleepless nights, and a time when your host hat shouldn't be on, and your self-care should be running strong. Maybe an unexpected visitor is welcome, but...maybe not, and then what?

One thing we strongly suggest with students and clients, is to really think about what YOU want in the early days postpartum. Do you want space? Ask for friends and family to wait. Do you want extra hands around the house? Ask for help. Are you unsure? Tell them just that. Be a little selfish and protect this time in whatever ways you need to - this time it really is all about you.