Top Picks Tuesday || 10 of the Best Baby Hacks

Top Picks Tuesday – 10 Best Baby Hacks for New Parents

Today we are giving away our top 10 baby hacks for new parents.  Adjusting to life with baby has many interesting aspects and challenges, and we hope to offer a few practical solutions to make your days smoother, happier, and a little bit more convenient! 

1.       The Onesie Hack – Those little folds at the top of your onesie?  They aren’t just to get your newborns adorable head through the top of their shirt! Avoid an even messier poop-explosion clean up by using the folds to expand the opening of the diaper shirt to pull the diaper shirt off towards their feet, rather than having to carefully avoid smearing the mess even further up their back and over their head. Genius!

2.       The Sock Hack – Are your newborns feet slipping out of the legs of his sleeper? After you dress your baby, slip socks over top of his sleeper on his feet to keep his legs in place. Losing too many of those tiny little socks? Keep the dirty socks in zippered, mesh laundry bag for washing and never lose another pair to the dryer.

3.       The Teething Hack – Twist a baby washcloth and dip it in breast milk or sterilized water, gently wring out, and put in a bag in the freezer. Baby can hold on to the dry portion of the cloth and chew on the frozen part for some serious gum-soothing action. A thick, raw carrot or sprig of celery (try to choose organic), cold out of the fridge, also works well (before baby has teeth enough to bite off a chunk!)

4.       The Sound-Asleep Hack – Is baby waking up to every small noise you make? Try putting a sleep sheep nearby for a soft-white noise, or you can purchase a white noise machine at most drugstores, equipped with multiple noise options and volume settings. In a pinch, you can download apps on your phone or tablet with white noise options. Just be sure to turn off your other bleeps and ringers that might startle a peacefully sleeping baby.

5.       The Poop-Stain Hack – Has your baby made her mark on every sleeper and onesie you own? You’re not alone. Blue dawn (yes, it needs to be blue), is a miracle stain remover for those stubborn stains. Rinse out the soiled sleeper, apply a small amount of blue dawn, scrub, let soak for a few minutes, and wash as normal. This trick will often work on unwashed, dried stains that nothing else will touch.

6.       The Hook Hack – Love the idea of the “Mommy Hook”, but don’t love the $20+ price tag? Check your local dollar store or hardware store for a similar version of this large carabineer hook that moms are raving about! Hook it to your diaper bag or stroller as a convenient place to attach loose items that you don’t have the extra hands to carry.

7.       The Pumping Hack  - Hoping to try out pumping and bottle feeding but afraid of wasting that precious liquid gold? If you aren’t sure if or how much your baby will take in a bottle, freeze your breast milk in icecube trays, store in freezer bags, and defrost as needed! 2 icecubes = about 1 oz of liquid.

8.       The Shoe Hack – Shoe shopping without baby and unsure of which size you need? Trace your baby's feet ahead of time and bring it along in your purse or diaper bag to take the guess work out of choosing the right fit.

9.       The Baby-in-a-Basket Hack – As your baby is learning to sit up, a laundry basket can make a convenient and portable play area. Make a cozy nest with a blanket and some toys in a laundry basket or shallow storage tub, and support your sitting or almost-sitting infant inside for some portable/pack-able playtime. It’s best to keep your baby close and within sight (it’s not a guaranteed spill-free setup). Some parents will use the laundry basket as a contained area inside the bathtub while baby is still learning to sit up; plan to keep baby within arms reach at all times using this idea!  

10.   The Wipe Hack – Have you ditched disposable wipes for cloth? Rather than running to the washroom to soak and wring out your wipes for each diaper change, try using a wipe-warmer instead. Soak and ring out your wipes in your chosen solution, roll up, and store in wipe container. When your wipes are used up, change the soaking solution and start over again. 

What are your favorite baby-hacks? What tricks or baby-products made life with baby just a little bit easier? Let us know! 

The Truth About Your Babymoon


It sounds blissful, doesn’t it? A babymoon; laying in with your sleepy newborn, nursing, cuddling, smelling their sweet fragrance while counting tiny fingers and toes over and over again, filled with days of warm, healing baths, breakfast in bed, while gently easing yourself into cozy walks around the neighbourhood…


Cue reality.

There absolutely is an unquestionable sweetness about the early days. Coming face to face with the baby you’ve co-created is indescribable. Perhaps it’s a relief to be un-pregnant after suffering some of the hardest symptoms like pregnancy depression or hypermesis gravidarium, or maybe you are wistfully remembering the feeling of your baby inside of you after a energized and fairy tale 10 months. It doesn’t matter anymore, because your baby is finally in your arms.

But let’s stop romanticizing all of it, because it’s not all baby bliss. Let’s talk about the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, because the days postpartum are all of these things at any given moment.

Your baby-moon will involve sweet, sleepy cuddles. In one moment you’ll be admiring each crease and curve of your tiny miracle. In another moment, you may be a hot mess of hormones, crying because your husband put the glass of water just out of reach on the table in front of you rather than placing it in your hand. Doesn’t he realize you’re one-handed, breastfeeding, insatiably thirsty, and now you can’t even reach your water?!? It happens, it really does.

If you are in the days and weeks postpartum, your babymoon may really be...

Watching your baby peacefully dozing in the bassinet…and hours of crying (both of you), trying to figure out if you should swaddle, nurse, rock, wrap, drive, push, bounce…

Counting fingers and toes while cradling your baby at your breast…or curling your toes because you haven’t figured out the latch while your baby ravenously roots for your raw, blistered nipples…

Friends who come by to peek at your newborn, with a meal in hand and a mop for your floor…and company that comes too early, stays too long, and brings flowers, not food…

The elated feelings that come with staring in to the eyes of a little piece of you...or the waves of intense emotion that leave you a milk-drenched, weeping mess of a mom who isn’t sure this will get easier…

Skin to skin in a warm tub for baby’s first bath…or your first shower in a week, in desperate hopes that hot water pouring down on your chest will bring some relief to your hugely engorged, throbbing breasts…

Sitting in the quiet buzz of your favorite coffee, reading a book while baby sleeps peacefully in the carseat next to you…or breastfeeding your screaming, overtired, hangry baby in a bathroom stall at the mall in fear of a nip-slip in front of a dozen strangers…

Pumping milk for a bottle so that someone else can take a turn while you nap…and hand expressing milk while massaging out a blocked duct to avoid a second bout of mastitis…

Your babymoon is blissful and brutal. It will be picturesque and poop up to the neck. Through the highs and lows of this amazing and overwhelming season, enjoy the beautiful moments, know you aren’t alone in the struggle, and remember that you are enough.