life after baby

A Day in the Life of a Postpartum Doula

You’ve done it; you’ve brought your baby into this big wide world. After 9 months of waiting, wondering, planning, and preparing, now begins the next chapter. You’re home with baby: knee deep in diapers, spit-up, and burp pads, with laundry piling on the bed and dishes overflowing in the sink.

Meet the Postpartum Doula. 

The postpartum doula is much like the birth doula; she is a calm, reassuring presence, a physical support, a wealth of information, and an ear to listen and understand. She’s like Mary Poppins for the whole family, with a suitcase spilling over with everything your family needs to feel supported through this adjustment with baby.

The day might start with a knock at the door that lets you know she’s here. You don’t need to get up, she’ll let herself in. If you’ve left her a list of to do’s, she’ll get started, but not before checking in with you to be sure you are fed, comfortable, and content. 

If you’re sleeping…

…She’ll wisk around quietly, doing the things that won’t disturb your precious moments of rest. She might be carrying in the groceries you asked her to pick up on the way, like the emergency pack of diapers you desperately realized you needed after you used up your last one last night. She’ll fold the laundry, sweep the floors, wipe the counters. She’ll tidy your toddlers toys left out from the day before and hang the jackets in the closet. If it’s morning, she’ll turn on the coffee (or tea), and prepare a nourishing breakfast. She might switch on the oven and do some baking or prepare a snack or meal for later when she’s gone. 

And then the baby wakes…

…She’ll bring you baby and help you get set up and comfortable for a feeding. If a bottle needs preparing, she’ll deliver it, warmed. If breastfeeding is still underway, she’ll help and support you as you latch your baby to nurse. 

But the exhaustion from a long night hasn’t worn off…

…She’ll bring you a sip of something warm and a bite to eat; you’re tired, but she reminds you that you need to stay hydrated and nourished. She’ll make sure you’re comfortable, and she’ll offer to take your now wide-awake babe to hold, allowing you to sleep a while longer or take a long shower to start your morning off right. 

You’re up for the day now…

…And she might make a bit more noise; she’ll start the laundry or run the dishwasher. She’ll pull out pots and pans for dinner preparations, and slip into your room while she can to fill up your water, make your bed, and tidy the clothes off your floor. 

She sits at the table folding dish towels,  joining you over your second cup of tea. She listens as you tell your birth story again; it seems like a distant memory as you’ve been taken up by the throws of this life-changing parenthood gig, but you still can’t believe all that transpired just before all of this happened. She laughs with you while you re-live the latest public poop explosion, and holds your hand through the ups and downs of your hormone rollercoaster as you question your sanity and wonder if you’ll ever feel 'normal', again. She understand you,  she sees you, she hears you. She knows that your journey is unique, and she helps you find the confidence to do this thing your way; the only way it should be done. 

At In Bloom Births, it is an honour to be welcomed into your into your home, into your life, into your day. It is our greatest goal to provide the compassionate, attentive, and expert support that you long for in these intense, early weeks or months. We lighten the load and offer you the space to focus on what you need most: giving your undivided attention to you and baby, as you rest, recover, and adjust to life with the smallest of humans.

Every family is unique in the support they will benefit from most. We'd love to sit down with you and create a plan that meets your unique needs. You can learn more about the details of our Postpartum Services here; we look forward to meeting you!