Childbirth Education 

Every couple walks through the journey of pregnancy with very different feelings toward birth. Some are excited and even anticipate the delivery, while others feel in the dark, have questions, and have no idea where to begin to look for answers for the many issues looming over them. You'll find out early on that many mothers that have gone before you will have a different voice and opinion about your birth experience, but the only thing that matters, is finding YOUR voice.

Our prenatal classes demystify the many questions you have surrounding your birth, by giving you a greater understanding of the labouring process and what you might expect during the weeks leading up to and during the birth of your baby. We've created a judgement-free space for you to voice your concerns, ask questions, and navigate the options you have, providing you with the information you want to help you plan for the birth that you hope for. Our goal is to take the fear of the unknown, while helping you learn to trust your body, your instincts, giving you and your partner the tools to feel confident going into your birth. 

Their class was exactly what we needed to make us feel confident and ready to move forward. Understanding the female anatomy, the different stages of labour, the pain relief options, plus so much more, couldn’t have been taught in a better manner, or by better humans.
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Private Prenatal Prep

Can't fit in a group class, or simply prefer your own? Customize your own class based on what you want and need, or schedule our 3 Hour Basic or 5 Hour Comprehensive, which will give you an overview of some of the most important pieces, in the comfort of your own home: Stages and Hormones of Labour, Birth Partner Support, Comfort Measures, Pain Relief options, and the Hours and Days following birth. 

Have friends that are interested in a more intimate setting? Discounts are available for semi-private classes. 

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Group Prenatal Classes

Join us for a One or Two Day Childbirth + Newborn Care Prep Class that covers the essentials all families need to feel prepared (perhaps even excited?) for this life transition!

This is a comprehensive curriculum that covers the essentials to prepare for Childbirth, Postpartum Recovery, and the First days and weeks with baby.

Day one will provide you with an understanding of anatomy and physiology of birth, stages of labour, comfort measures + partner support, medical pain relief, and the hours immediately following birth.

Day two gives you the knowledge and tools for optimal postpartum recovery, and the basics of newborn care, like feeding, changing, sleep routines, soothing a fussy baby, and more (there’s so much more!)

You’ll find that this class is engaging, interactive, and thorough, leaving both you and your partner confident and prepared. You will gain a greater understanding of the birth process, practice strategies and techniques for comfort and coping during labour, learn about medical pain management options, gain tools to feel empowered and make decisions in labour, and spend time working through your feelings or fears leading up to your big day through to the first weeks.

Email: to register. 

*Space is limited, register early to ensure your spot!*

Next Group Class:

Saturday+Sunday, October 19-20, 2019


Saturday+Sunday, Nov 30-DEc 1, 2019


Wknd: $195/couple 

Saturday only: $150/couple

Sunday only: $65/couple

Where: Nourish Wellness, Unit C, 1822 Comox Avenue, Comox

Time: Saturday: 9:30-3:30, Sunday: 9:30-12:30

What's included: a light breakfast, coffee, tea + water, course manual, and two interactive days of Childbirth + Newborn Care Preparation!