Meet Your Doulas

Each of the doulas of In Bloom brings something unique to the table; different strengths, personalities, interests, and backgrounds are what make our team versatile and able to meet the vastly different needs of our clients. But each one of us holds one thing in common: compassionate, unbiased support, for all families and all kinds of birth and parenting philosophies and approaches. We all strongly believe that our clients and their ideals are the centre of our model of care, and we love to empower families to feel confident in their choices, and supported to make the decisions that fit them. We are a passionate group of women that realize that the passage into parenthood is powerful and transformative, and we want to see you thrive as you confidently navigate every aspect of the journey with a doula alongside. You'll find our individual bios below; take a read and get to know us a bit more, and then let's chat! We'd like to hear from you, find out what your needs are, and talk about how we can support you best over a cuppa and some good conversation; it's what we love most!

Andrea Postal CD(DONA)

Certified Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Postpartum Placenta Specialist

Andrea Postal is the owner and founder of In Bloom Births, located on Vancouver Island in the beautiful Comox Valley.

Long before becoming a mother of three, Andrea had a genuine admiration and interest in everything related to birth. From a young age she was fascinated by pregnancy and yearned to be inside the world of babies, bellies, and birth. With the empathy of pregnancy, labor and motherhood, along with a background in Early Childhood education, Andrea's interest in birth and the postpartum period only grew, shifting her focus from childcare and education toward maternal care. Andrea is a certified DONA Birth Doula, a Pre-certified ProDoula Labor and Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Postpartum Placenta Specialist. 

It is her greatest passion to see women having the best possible birth  and postpartum experience - one where they are given access to information, are supported in their choices, and are lovingly cared for throughout the entire process. Her genuine, empathetic nature and attentiveness to listen sets her clients at ease prenatally, all the way through to the transitional weeks and months of early parenthood. 

When Andrea isn’t doula-ing, she can be found basking by the ocean (there’s no better place), hiding in her room behind her piano singing and songwriting, or spending time with her husband and their active and adventurous boys.


Sarah Ellis

Postpartum Doula

Sarah joins In Bloom Births as a Pro-Doula trained, Postpartum Doula. She was inspired to pursue doula work by watching her friend and now colleague, Andrea Postal, sharing passionately about her work of guiding women and their families through the life changing miracle of birth. Having worked with children in many different settings, from a preschool teachers assistant to running children's sport programs, being a post-partum Doula feels natural to Sarah.

As an animal lover and veterinary assistant, Sarah has a knack for supporting families with 'fur-children', to adjust to their new arrival, as well as care for all their needs through postpartum support. Sarah brings to the table both her experience and her training to encourage and install confidence in families; to help them feel empowered and able, as they grow into the next stages of parenting.

Outside of being a Doula, you can find Sarah crafting and colouring with her imaginative, beautifully spirited daughter, Elizabeth, riding her bike and training for Tough Mudder, or hanging out with her many pets (at the moment: her dog, cat, and two hairless rats!)


Jody Richards

Labor and Postpartum and Infant Care Doula

Jody is originally from Northern BC, and later Victoria, and now lives in Black Creek with her partner and daughter.  She has always held wonderment and curiosity about all aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and babies.  In 1999 Jody was invited to the birth of her nephew, an experience where the inspiration to become a doula was kindled. 

In 2000 Jody trained as a birth doula with DONA,  beginning a wonderful decade and a half of supporting families during the birth of their babies. Jody worked as a medical researcher while she attended nursing school, and although she was unable to complete her nursing degree due to an accident, her ability to offer nurturing support to her doula clients was unaffected . Her medical knowledge is invaluable in helping to navigate the medical aspects of birth, as well as having a great appreciation for the role of medical providers. In 2016 Jody decided to refresh her training and gain a new perspective when she trained with Prodoula, and is both a pre-certified Labor Doula and Postpartum and Infant Care Doula. She is now very excited to be working with In Bloom Births and particularly delighted to offer clients the benefits of working in partnerships with other doulas. 

Jody feels passionate about how she can provide support to families during this monumental time, from pregnancy to the postpartum period and beyond. Her life experience has given her the skill of being able to relate to people at their most vulnerable, while attuning to what they need, making them feel deeply nurtured and safe. Jody's best tool she brings is her warm, gentle and calming presence. 

When she is not being a doula she is spending time with her family. She can often be found buried under a mountain of needle felting, or she covered head to toe in dirt in her veggie garden.