Placenta Encapsulation FAQ



How will my placenta be processed?

Your placenta will be processed using a traditional Chinese method of steaming and dehydration. The steaming process ensures all germs and bacteria are killed before processing, and balances the placenta after childbirth. After steaming, placenta is thinly cut and placed in a dehydrator overnight before being ground into a powder for encapsulation. 


Why do you process in my home?

The practices of the certifying organization I am accountable to, holds the highest industry standards. These standards require that the placenta is transported by the client, and all processing is completed in their home for the following reasons:

  • You are the only one to handle the placenta, ensuring that it is in fact your placenta being processed.
  • Your placenta is not exposed to harmful, unfamiliar bacteria that could interfere with your postpartum recovery.
  • You are given the opportunity to witness the process and have the peace of mind that complete care is being taken throughout the process. 

Our clients are not required to be present during the processing, but the choice is yours and we love interacting and supporting our clients in the early postpartum days during our time spent in their home. 


What are we required to provide for processing?

We provide our own sanitized and sterilized equipment, and only need access to a stove, sink, electrical outlet to plug in dehydrator, and your placenta. 


How do we contact you?

Please phone or email us within 12 hours of giving birth, within the hours of 9am and 9pm. 


When should processing begin? 

Ideally, your placenta processing will begin within the first 48 hours of giving birth for consumption on day 3. We will provide you with the necessary information and tools for transporting your placenta safely. The placenta should be kept refrigerated or on fresh ice until processing. If we are unable to begin processing within the first 3 days, your placenta will need to be frozen and thawed 24hrs in advance. 


How long does processing take?

Placenta processing takes about 24 hours from start to finish. We will spend approximately 2 hours over 2 days in your home, leaving it to dehydrate overnight between day 1 and 2. 


What are your qualifications? 

Along with thorough and complete training through Pro Doula, an International training and certifying organization, we carry Blood-Born Pathogens Certification. You can be confident that we are handling and processing your placenta with unequivocal expertise and care.